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Adoption is a big decision that changes the lives of everyone involved forever. Whether you are bringing a new child into your life or adopting your spouse’s child, adoption is a fulfilling experience that can tighten existing familial bonds or create new ones.

At Full Circle Family Law in Salt Lake City, we understand how important this process is and how essential it is that it goes smoothly. Our experienced adoption lawyer in Salt Lake City will guide you every step of the way and provide the support and advice you need.

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What are the Requirements to Adopt a Child in Utah?

To adopt a child in Utah, you must be over the age of 21. Every adoption is unique, but the requirements to adopt in Utah are fairly flexible. You can:

  • Be single, married, divorced, or widowed;
  • Have a small or large income;
  • Own or rent a home or apartment;
  • Have children in your home or be childless;
  • Work in or out of the home.

The adoption organization you work with will evaluate your background and decide whether you're fit to be an adoptive parent.

Can a Convicted Felon Adopt a Child?

Yes, a convicted felon can adopt a child in Utah. During the vetting process or home study the social worker will discuss the circumstances surrounding your felony in order to access whether or not you are qualified to be their legal guardian.

However, if the felony in question was a result of a sex crime, a child abuse crime, a child neglect crime, or a domestic violence case it will be extremely unlikely that your adopting application will be accepted.

Utah Adoption Laws & Process

Utah legally requires prospective parents to engage in a thorough screening process before finalizing an adoption.

Adoption laws and process in UT include:

  • 24 hours of in-person training with adoption professionals, plus additional online training. You can complete the training after filling out an adoption application with Utah Foster Care, which will initiate the adoption process.
  • Adoption professionals will assess your home to make sure you're ready to house and care for a child (commonly called a home study). If the adoption professionals verify your home is child-ready, they'll give you an adoption license.
  • You will then be required to work with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) to finalize the adoption.

The DCFS double-checks all your certificates and licenses, and completes any remaining work necessary to ensure the adoption furthers the adoptee's best interests. Once the DCFS approves the adoption, you're eligible to become a full-fledged parent. Congratulations!

Do I Have to Be Married to Adopt?

In Utah, both single and married adults can adopt a minor child under the Utah Adoption Act. If a married couple chooses to adopt, both spouses must consent to adopting the child. If the adoptive potential parent is single, he or she may not be in a cohabitating relationship when pursuing an adoption.

Furthermore, although both single and married adults may adopt children, state agencies must show preference to married couples when placing children for adoptions. If there are no married couples who qualify, the state can choose to place a child with a single adult.

Stepchild Adoption

Although adopting one’s stepchild is a less complex legal process, there are still a considerable number of obstacles to overcome. If the child’s other birth parent will not consent to the adoption, you must take the matter to court and prove that either the parent is unfit or that he or she abandoned the child.

If the other birth parent does not have a close relationship with the child and wishes to be relieved of certain parental obligations, you might be able to obtain consent more easily. Once the other parent consents to the adoption, his or her parental rights will be terminated. As a result, you and your spouse are not obligated to allow him or her access to the child.

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